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My Wallpapering Tips

  • Use Quality Wallpaper - You may mind inconsistencies in design along with premature fading over time if you go cheap, especially in sunlight.
  • Paste With A Roller - To speed up your pasting and to maintain consistent coverage.
  • Paste A Frame - Roll your paste into all your rooms corners and up to all the wood edging.
  • Treat Yourself - Invest in quality kit such as rollers, a hanging brush and use a plum line for that critical first piece.
  • Do Your Paint Work First - Any woodwork to be painted must be done first to prevent you catching your wallpaper.

Contemporary Wallpaper Hanging

Preparation Time

distance view of russ from property mantenance sheffield preparing the last of a living rooms walls for wallpapering by just finishing the cutting in with paint after making the walls sound

Off with the old wallpaper and just finishing the ceiling cutting in then we can get on with the wallpapering.

Hanging The Wallpaper

russ hanging the wallpaper with one length almost in place with an arm reachingin up brushing the wallpaper against the wall removing air

Always hanging wallpaper away from the light to keep visible edges to a minimum im hanging this heavy wallpaper half way down the wall. There are to be two wallpapers separated by a dado rail with the top embossed wallpaper painted medium gray.

Painting The Top Wallpaper

distance corner view of half our sheffield proprty room showing the wallpaering now finished and the top wallpaper now painted in light slate gray

Now all the wallpapering and painting is finished and the furniture is back this is a gorgeous, modern family room ready for the family to return and make this a Sheffield homely room once more.

Wallpapering All Finished

distance corner view of the side of this newly wallpapered living room showing the painted wallpaper on the upper of the wall and below the crisp white dado rail is medium gray textured wallpaper with multicolours this room looks very inviting

The rest of the room is also finished as you can see. This living room is only missing it’s Sheffield family to appreciate these freshly decorated, carefully chosen gray shades. Just need to tidy this last corner and my wallpapering work is done here.

Traditional Wallpapering


close up center photo of a living room chimney breast with awful partially removed wallpaper featuring bright red flowers on a light fawn background this screams everything that was wrong with the nineteen seventies

This old fashioned wallpaper is nearly all stripped off, just a little more on the chimney breast before we can move on. As you can see I have already painted the ceiling and coving in mat white.


distance living room center photo facing the chimney breast showing the traditional wallpapering in a light beigh with neutral light and dark brwon trees embossed and repeating

Definitely not as garish as the splashes of red in the old wallpaper this natural traditional embossed wallpaper gives a much nicer feel to the room all it needs now is it’s family back.


back room view looking across the rooms middle showing a newly wallpapered living room with the proprty owners belongings back in place and light turned on it now looks really lovely in there

Here we have our freshly wallpapered living room with all it’s embellishments back in situ. The crystal light creates wonderful shadows and streaks of light giving this newly decorated room its unique look and feel.


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