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    distance front right corner view of a proud sheffield garden with property maintenance laying fresh turf

    From Preparation To Stunning Finish

  • Laid With Passion

    close up front elevation of russ hague from property maintenance sheffield a gardener laying grass turf

    I Love Wrestling With Turf

  • Fitted With Care

    distance view of russ hague our gardener down on his hands and knees carefully laying grass turfing in a very happy garden

    Slowing Down For The Tricky Bits

  • Roll Out The Turf

    close up front top view a garden looking lovly and green with nearly all its turf laid with just the last 2 pieces being rolled out this garden is finished

    Or You Could Just Call Me

My Turf Laying Tips

  1. Prepare the soil surface by loosening (or rotivating), remove all stones and dead vegetation then level and compact the soil.
  2. For the finishing touch and well worth the extra work and cost use wooden edging to complete your new turfed garden’s look.
  3. Push the turf so its tightly packed together being careful not to tear the grass turf.
  4. Start from the outer sides of the area you are working on and working inwards will allow you to save the cuts until last, this way you can fill with left over off cuts if you are running low on turf.
  5. Flood your new turf garden lawn, you only need a cheap hose spray sprinkler system so worry not about the cost.

Typical Turf Laying Jobs

Let’s Get To It!

close up front right corner angled view of fresh turfing piled up high on a front garden just waitng for me to lay it

As you can see our turf has arrived, our garden to be turfed is mostly leveled and awaiting our attention.

Check Your Turf

As you are unloading your new turf check for weeds, moss and any infestations as your turfing company may not be interested after they have left.

It’s All In The Technique

close up side view of our turf laying expert russ dressed smartly in a pale pin striped white shirt showing the turf laying technique down on his knees pusing the turf sections tightly together

I know I look awkward down there but I am not only comfy, i’m forcing the turf pieces together resulting in a firm, solid bedding.

What’s The Plank For?

distance view of our partially turfed garden showing a plank of narrow but very long wood rested across the laid turf high lighting any un level turf

This is not only my line to work to but also my simple, trusty indication of level which every turf laying gardener must use.

Finished Front Laid Turf Lawn

distance corner view of a completly finished turf grass lawn with a water sprinkler in the middle watering the new grass turfing

Our front turf garden lawn is now complete and flooding with water from a simple cheap sprinkler to prevent the root zone from drying out before the grass gets chance to bed into the underlying soil.

Keep Off The Grass!

Just leave your newly turf lawn alone while it establishes its roots system into your existing soil.

Its Back Garden Time!

distance view of our gardener laying turfing from a roll he is holding next to a wheel barrow in a sheffield garden

I’m now laying the back garden’s new grass turfing. I started from the edge of the fencing and i’m working inwards leaving the odd bit that would need cutting until last so I can use off cuts if necessary.

Consistency Is The Key

distance view of a sheffield front garden proudly showing off partially laid new turf leaving odd edges without turf for patching in later

Don’t Look at the whole area, just concentrate on each individual piece making sure you have butted and squashed it up to it’s neighbour equally well. Take care not to tear your new turfing, it is not as durable as you may think.

Up To The New Edging

close up front right corner angled view of an almost completly turfed grass garden just awaiting the last very small area to be turfed with the rolls of turf adjacent by the gardener just in view

Almost finished, just need to lay our turf right up to our new wooden edging while maintaining our butt and squish method and maintaining level with our trusty wooden plank.

Finished Sheffield Turf Laying
front distance view of our completly finished newly terfed garden with a water sprinkler in the center and water on the entire surface of the grass to prevent it from drying out

This wonderful new Sheffield turf grass lawn is now completely laid, finished and flooding with water to keep from drying out while it’s root system reaches into the soil and beds in.

Finished Turf Laying Re-Visited

The Early Days

close up front right corner angled view of our turfed grass garden lawn after 6 months with some visible light joints

This is the rear garden on this full turfing job after around 6 months. Not long enough to loose our joints yet.


Please note these images are taken with various phones.

Our Joints Are Fading

distance center view of our grass lawn turfing after 9 months with some joins still visible

Here we have the center of our rear turfed garden after approximately 9 months. Our joints are diminishing nicely now.

Now The Side

distance side view showing our new grass turfing looking lush healthy dark green with the large end wooden gates closed aurrounded by high wood fencing

Our new turf lawn grass has taken lovely, we are about 9 months after turfing here and just look at our healthy lawn.

Finished Rear Turfed Lawn!

distance corner floor level photo of our turf garden with barely a joint visible while looking healthy and inviting

Even better, at 12 months you can barely see a join which will all be completely gone within months now.

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