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  • Introducing Slab Patios

    distance corner view of a partially slab paved light gray patio area with many slabs laid with the underlying reddish brown base still visible

    The Cost Effective Path & Patio Area Solution

  • Full Sand & Cement Base

    floor level photo of an area of a sheffield garden sectioned off with sand and cement mix spread across it to form a solid patio base

    No Spot Cementing Here

  • Slab Patio Repairs

    close up front elevation view of patio slabs that are broken and sunken with several already removed

    Any Problem Slab Paths & Patios Repaired

  • Patio & Path Cleaning

    far distance view from the gardens steps across a partially cleaned patio providing a superb contrast between dirty before and super clean after

    Get Your Patio & Paths Cleaned

My Patio Slab Paving Tips

  • Don’t Use The Spot Method - Always use a full base of sand & cement with full coverage and screeded avoiding spot cementing which is inferior and does not last.
  • Use Steel Rails - To screed and level or to create an angle for water run off.
  • Use Hard Core - To maintain the areas water filtration and stability.
  • No Deeper Than 50mm - The structure will start to sink after 50mm.
  • You Should Use A Resin Bond - This firmly holds the slabs together and seriously outlasts sand and cement.

Slab Paved Paths Installation

Prepare Your Base

double sided photo of two seperate paths to be paved that have been cleared and leveled

Level your area to be slabbed making sure it is solid.

Make A Mix

Lay a dry mix of sand and cement screeded across your entire patio area. This will prevent your patio from sinking and collapsing.

Lay Your Paths Slabs

partially laid light gray paving slabs photo far left side view

These cobbled effect 16 squared slabs are perfect for pathways and fill small narrow spaces really well.

Around Corners

close up front right corner angled view of slab paving around a corner

Patterned, textured tiles such as these can be difficult to fit around corners. For this reason I try to keep and work to my center most line.

Admire Your Slabbed Paths

four fully finishised light gray colored adjoining paths can be seen in this photo all laid from paving slabs

Although our newly installed cobbled slab paths looks great now, it may not last its full life expectancy if you don’t use a good quality patio sealant to help prevent weeds, staining and water ingress. It is definitely a few pounds well spent given all your hard work and material costs.

Slab Paved Patio Installation

What A Shame!

close up front view of a sheffield back garden before a new patio is built showing old slab paving stones that have sunk well below the soil level with grass growing over them

This lovely Sheffield summer house is looking sad, isolated and uninviting. All it is lacking is the entrance it deserves. These pathetic old paving slabs have no base so they are slowly sinking into the garden and drifting apart. The grass is growing over them and the edges are no longer visible.

We’re On Our Way

close up side view of russ from property maintenance sheffield dressed in smart black t shirt and black jeans laying paving slabs on a raised bed

Our hard core solid base is now laid leaving a wonderful raised area. The customer already had some really nice paving tiles but not enough to do the entire area so I got some simple non slip cream coloured paving slabs for the outside.

Finishing Our New Slab Paved Patio

distance fron right corner view of a light coloured newly laid slab paved patio

Our slab paved patio is now finished once I level and cement in the last two slabs.

Finished Patio

close up front right corner anlged view of

This garden is no longer let down by it’s garden patio. It now stands high and proud.

Paving Slab Path Laying

The Shortest Path

close up photo of the shortest path to be slab paved with three slabs already laid

Using 900mm buff paving slabs laid between 2 meter wooden sleepers to nicely separate the path, Astro turf lawn and patio areas.

Separating Our Paths

astro turfing laid between two slab paved paths

Super thick 30mm astro turfing being laid either side of the path and patio partitioning for a very low maintenance garden.

The Center Paved Path

far center view of our center slab paved path now finished with astro turf and paths either side and a patio built at the far end

A resulting raised patio and path previously prone to flooding which no longer occurs, featuring astro turfing this really is a space to be proud of.

Paving Slab Path Laid

distance angled view above our finished paving slab path showing our lovely green astro turf garden with a wonderful slab path all the way around and up the center with a slab built patio at the far end

This garden owner was thrilled with the result and so was I. This small area has been transformed into a modern family space and will need minimum maintenance from their chosen gardener.


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