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  • Lovely New Block Patio Anyone?

    distance view of a newly laid installed large patio and drive installed with beautiful block paving featuring a herringbone ever expanding design

    Let Me Create Your Block Paved Patio Area

  • Block Paving Installations

    photo of a sand and cement bed with block paving started highlighting the need for a patios good solid base

    From Start To Stunning Solid Finish

  • Block Paving Repairs

    close up center above view of a block paved patio that is falling apart and part way though repair

    I Can Fix Your Broken Block Paving

My Patio Block Paving Tips

  • Don’t Run Out - Even a small area paved with a block paving style will require lots of bricks. Check and check again how many you need before you order them.
  • Consistency & Symmetry Is The Key - Don’t be tempted to create your own pattern. You will mostly find that you have no way of maintaining symmetry which is an important aspect of the final visual appeal of your new patio.
  • Use A Quality Sealant - I know I say this often but the few extra quid really does reap rewards for years to come.
  • Use A Dry Mix - Mix together sand and cement at 4 bags of cement per half ton of sand.
  • Use A Whacker - To get your patios full life expectancy you need to compress it well, I use a whacker.

Block Paved Patio Installation

Build A Solid Base

close up front right corner angled view of the patio base mixture which is gray sand in colour and properly levelled

Prepare and level your entire chosen area so it is smooth and free of debris and vegetation. Mark out your patio boundaries either in the soil or create wood edges. Add a dry mix of sand and cement, screeding it across your entire new patio area. This will prevent your patio from sinking and collapsing regardless of weathering and heavy use. You can use a long square profiled piece of wood to balance your spirit level on to get the big level picture and work around your mix until everywhere is completely level

Choose Your Style

photo of the side of a partially block paved patio in the herringbone style which is ever expanding outwards

A simple herringbone design patio and driveway. This effective pattern expands outwards to effectively fill small and large spaces resulting in a very solid patio or drive that will last and last and is very attractive.

When It’s Done It’s Done

distance photo of a newly finished drive and patio in different shades of dark red and brown this patio area looks superb and awaiting sealing which will bring out the colours even more

Visually appealing our block paved patio area is now completed. With no waiting time this area is now part patio and part driveway and ready to be cleaned, sealed and used.

Seal It!

close up angled view of a finished herringbone designed patio using just block paving on a sheffield property front garden

To get the very best from block paving styled patios looking new use a good quality patio sealant to help prevent weeds, staining and fading and to make sure it lives up to it’s life expectancy.

Top Tip

Reapply the sealant based on the manufacturers recommendations, usually every 5 years to extend your patios life expectancy even further into the distant future.

Collapsed Block Paving - Sunken Drive

Collapsed Block Paving Repair

close up rear photo of a callapsed block paveing based drive and patio with many bricks that are uneven and not level due to a poor drive base

Unbelievably this patio and drive with collapsed block paving is only a couple of years old and is the perfect example of very poor workmanship and materials. A poor base is responsible here and the only option to repair this block paved drive properly is to remove all the old and start again.

Old Block Paving Removed, Base Laying

distance view of a sheffield property with all the old block paving fully removed and new a newly laid base that is being whacker plate compressing the base preventing future movement

Our old block paving is now completely removed along with the old inferior base, our new sand and cement base is laid and i’m currently whacker plating the base ready to re-lay the old bricks to form the same block paved design and shape.

Brick Block Paving Laying After

close up rear view of finished block paving patio and drive all now level and looking really nice just ow block paving should look

Just finished the brick laying and part way through brushing kiln sand into our gaps. A good clean up and this lovely new block paved Sheffield drive is now safe for a vehicle once more.


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