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    close up corner view of lovely light gray walls surrounding a slightly ajar door that is painted in crisp white

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    lower floor level view of a property staircase painted in gray for the walls and with white woodwork

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My Painting Tips

  1. If Painting New Plaster - Water down your paint and apply a thin coat only to prevent blistering.
  2. Use A Quality Primer - This forms the base of your finished job so don’t skimp or you will be lowering the finish quality.
  3. Use Old Sheets - Bedding makes for perfect covers to protect your home from painting spray and of course any spillages.
  4. Its All In The Preparation - Please make sure you scrape where necessary and then sand. Your end result will look terrible if you don’t.
  5. Mask Up! - Invest in a roll or two of masking tape for around sockets, switches and fittings.

Living Room Painting

Regal Green & Cream

close up high view of ceiling almost painted but showing the awful tabacco stains before painting and sporting regal green walls

With this living room’s walls now painted in a wonderful regal green and cream, the separating coving is painted in crisp white its just the ceiling corner now before you no longer see what lurks beneath and to finish the job.

Three Shades Of Grey

close up front low view up of a brilliant white painted doorway with light gray surrounding walls and a white ceiling to finish

The simplicity of just 3 paint shades of the same colour from the right ends of the colour spectrum look magnificent. As in this example three grays are clean, sharp and bright with a contemporary look that never goes out of style.

Clean & Sharp

close up view from high of skirting bpards and door surrounds painted in white gloss and blemish free

Floor to ceiling this room is now extremely clean and sharp.

Light Gray & White

up close view of a whited gloss painted bay window cill

Simple but very effective. This colour combination satisfies many tastes, especially traditionalist’s who usually avoid change. If you would like something completely different to your norm why not let me suggest some colour combinations?

Kitchen Painting

Before & After

close up of a kitchen window walls showing before after after painting in medium grey

This kitchen before and after image perfectly illustrates the difference a quick prep and coat of grey paint for the walls and crisp white paint for the coving and ceiling makes.

Before & After

before and after photos of a sheffield kitchens walls both before and after painting

Here is the opposite corner in our kitchen just being finished. Behind the camera lens thumb prints you can see the corner almost finished.

Before & After

close up front right corner view of a painted cut in wall awaiting the main wall painting

Its the far end of our kitchen getting painted next. As usual I am cutting in the edges then all that remains is to paint the middle of this final wall.

Finished Painted Kitchen

entire view of our fully painted kitchen through the double living room door opening showing our lovely new clean looking kitchen

This view of our finished kitchen from the living room looks good enough to cook in. My painting work here is now finished.

Awkward Hallways Painted

Lets Get To Work!

bottom landing view up a steep hallway staircase with ladders in sight and the walls partially painted showing the poor state of the existing paint

Clearly untouched for many years this poor old tired hallway desperately needs some paint.

Stay Put!

No Need to climb the ladders first. Paint where you can reach then when you have finished your entire first coat start in the same place which will most likely be dry.

Get Up High

partial gray painting showing the difference between before new painting with stained almost oanfe walls and after with light gray paint applied

Extend and position your ladders so you are right up to ceiling. This way you can work your way down painting evenly as you go.

Its Half Time!

first coat of gray painting is fully done and looking lots better although a little patchy our final coat will cover this no problem

Half done or half left to do, however you see it that’s where our hallway is at.

Much Better

view from from part way up the stairs of the now finished sheffield properties hallway stair case with solid light gray walls and bright crisp white woodwork

The hallway is now very bright and feels clean again. The natural sunlight simply bounces around as it is reflected from the lightly coloured surfaces of this Sheffield property and the home owner was delighted with the result.

Orangery Painting

Bare Plaster

close up top right interior corner view of a luxurious newly built orangery interior bare plaster in its natural light orangey colour with the corner of a very large sky light just visible

A newly built orangery home extension on this Sheffield property crying out for some paint to bring it to life.

First Coat

close up side view looking up the wall to the ceiling and part of the skylight now with gray and white paint lifting the entire look

The first coat is well on its way as we paint to half way and already the brightness levels are noticeable.

Second Coat

close up front right corner angled view of the the orangery walls fully painted in medium gray and the ceiling skylight surrounds in crips white and looking very nice indeed

Our second coat is completed. You can now see the effect our paint has had as we prepare for the final coat.

Fully Painted Orangery

far distant low view up inside a newly built orangery with all the painting now finished sporting medium shade of gray for the walls and crisp white ceiling and that fabulous white painted skylight is just the finishing touch

What a wonderful space! It screams contemporary and feels homely even before the furniture is in. The gray & white scheme works well too.


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