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  • The Painter Man

    close up front view from ground level up a freshly painted very large sheffield commercial shop entrance door in bright hot red showing a very thick old fasioned wood doorway painted in red by a property management sheffield painter

    Painter In Sheffield Russ

  • Flaky Exterior Paint?

    close up front right corner angled view of a very flakey paint commercial shop weathered white window cill

    Let Me Prepare & Paint It!

  • Back Yards Painted

    distance low down corner view of a newly painted back yard featuring a painted jet black floor with beige walls and a black metal gate

    Including Flooring, Steps & Walls

  • Need Your Gutters Paining?

    distant ground photo of a ladder against a house home with ladders resting against the wall next to the gutter being painted in natural rustic brown

    All Your Gutters Cleaned & Painted

My Exterior Painting Tips

  1. You Must Use Exterior Paint - Please don’t use interior paint, this will not last, use something like Sandtex Weather Shield.
  2. Preparation Is Key - Utilise your testy scraper on flaking paint work and don’t forget to sand it.
  3. If Its Really Bad - Use a blow torch and scraper to remove old troublesome paint.
  4. Painting Your House Exterior? - To help prevent damp use a damp proof paint clear coat which makes your bricks water proof and you a great painter.
  5. Fill With Concrete - Applied from a tube into any cracks or gaps this will result in a better seal

Exterior Commercial Painting

I’m Not Going In There

close up underneath photo of a commercial shop property entrance door and door surround in aged maroon paint that has badly flaked and weathered and just looks awful and desperatelu needs a professional sheffield painter to tackle it

You can see the paint and wood work on this commercial property is seriously neglected and not what you want to see when entering for products & services. People really do judge your premises and products the same. If you cant be bothered to splash the paint than your services are probably similar is a conclusion many will draw.

Lets Get To Work!

distance view of a property maintenance sheffield vehicle with a painter setting up his work equipment and painting tools outside the front of a very tatty old looking commercial property shop

As a Property Maintenance Sheffield painter I will have this poor old shop front looking inviting to customers in no time. Just getting setup, it wont be long now.

Lets Prep

close up front right corner view of a sheffield commercial shop window cill that has flaked off most of the very old maroon coloured paint that was once red has been prepared and scraped by our painter russ and ready for the final sanding

As the close up reveals, the stonework on this Sheffield commercial property is now visible and requires a professional painter. The old paint has flaked away revealing the stones surface and needs a good scraping and a light sanding in preparation for painting.

How Inviting Is This?

double photo showinga newly painted red door and framwork with an image of the fully finished painted window cill that our painter prepared earlier

That’s much better and in keeping with what this newly painted Sheffield business customers expect to see.

Passing Trade

Now potential customers are no longer put off by the sad old looking shop front and are more interested in what you actually do, all it needed was a good painter.

Exterior Painting

Patio & Floor Painting

close up front right corner angled view of of a partially black painted patio back floor

What a sad sight as you open your patio doors. All that is needed here is a simple painting of the floor with tar based paint and the wood decking with outdoor paint. With a natural brown painted decking step you can see just how much better this looks already.

Gate & Fence Painting

close up front photo of a newly painted black garden gate and matching fence

This gate looked pale and sad but just look at the difference this mat black water based paint has made. That has certainly improved the entrance to this Sheffield garden. Just the fence to paint next.

Before & After

close up top left corner of a property court yard showing the dull weathered washed out grey flooring that once was black is now black again after new painting

A small court yard before and after perfectly demonstrates the power of painting. In little time this private space is transformed into a pleasant place to be without breaking the bank.


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