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  • Badly Overgrown Garden?

    close up front right corner angled view of a seriously overgrown privet hedge sprouting uneven branches and leaves everywhere what a gardeners dread

    I Would Love To Clear It!

  • Long Overgrown Grass?

    distance view of a sheffield overgrown garden with two foot high seeding grass

    Absolutely No Problem For Me

  • Vegetation Taking Over?

    close up view of thick dense garden vegitation from wild bushes, grass and vines stretching out in all direction in multicolors

    Let Me Chop It Right Back

  • No Matter What

    close up front view of overgrown bushes and shrubs cut back to reveal garden fencing that needs painting

    I Can Create Access

My Clearing Overgrown Garden Tips

  1. You need petrol equipment to get through overgrown gardens like this one or be prepared to ruin your standard electrical equipment.
  2. Invest in some multi-ladders or similar that form a bench walkway as well as an all in one standard ladder.
  3. Remember your health and safety, you know the bend at the knees bit, use glasses or a visor and protect your hands with thick gardening gloves.
  4. Until you get the hang of it take your time, this may just save you from injury and equipment breakage.
  5. Take the time to clear up as you go along. It not only makes maneuverability easier but helps keep you from tripping.

My Typical Overgrown Gardening Jobs

The Plan

  • Topping of select bushes and trees.
  • Clearing of vegetation to gardens to naturally break down and feed the soil.
  • Complete removal of overgrown vegetation from paths & walkway’s.
  • Cutting down & Mowing of all overgrown grassed areas.
  • Pruning and trimming back trees & Bushes.

Where To Start?

close up front right corner anlged view of

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this overgrown mass. Underneath is a beautiful garden just waiting for the sun to break through. That’s where nature needs a helping hand.

What’s Next?

The sensible place to start this mammoth garden is from the first overgrown path where you have the easiest access.

Coming Through!

close up bottom view of a long steep path with the thick dense vegetation mostly cut away

This upper garden path is really taking shape now. Just some more bushes to cut back and then on to the main path.

Main Path Time

close up bottom view of a completely cleared garden path

We can now actually walk completely unhindered from the bottom of this Sheffield garden to the very top without being snagged or caught or simply stopped in our tracks!

The Topping Next

distance top view of overgrowm garden topping highlighting the shape of the tops

As you can see I have made a way through this mass of vegetation and began cutting the very thickest and the tallest tree, bush, privet and hedge tops to the garden owner’s specification.

Don’t Forget Your Plan

Make sure you keep to your planned heights and widths or you could end up with an ugly mess.

We Have Space

middle distance view of an overgrown garden with the vegetation mostly cut well back

Already much better with those overgrown hedges and trees finally under control this area just needs thinning out.

We Have Steps

close up view of slab paved steps with absolutely no grass, bushes, privets or any vegetation of any kind imposing on them after our gardener has comepletly cleared it

This Sheffield garden owner has not seen these steps for several years as it was simply too much for him to manage.

Almost There

distance view from above of a once but no more badly overgrown garden with all the vegitation either side of the long steep steps fully cleared just the clearing up to do now

All that is needed here is a good clean up with a stiff brush and of course I still need to gather up my equipment.

Overgrown Garden Cleared!
far complete distance view of a completely cleared overgrown garden now looking lush green healthy spacious and inviting

At last this Sheffield garden is usable once more. No more sitting on the step this garden is ready to relax and play.


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