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  • Overgrown Unsightly Hedges?

    distance center rear view of a long narrow garden with privets and hedges that are very untidy and spoiling the garden

    Let Me Cut Back, Trim & Shape Them

  • Now That’s Much Better!

    distance center rear view of a long narrow garden with freshly cut back trimmed and pruned privets and hedges making this garden visually apealing once more

    Order From Chaos

  • Large Hedges Trimmed

    close up center top view of a cut back and pruned very large shaped privet bush hedge by our gardener

    Let Me At Them!

  • Commercial Privets Too

    close up rear corner view of wonderfully cut pruned and trimmed privets on a rented landlords property with a to let estate agents sign reaching to just avove the privet height

    I Can Maintain Your Privets

Hedge, Privet & Bush Tips

  1. Always cut away any obviously dead, dying, damaged or diseased branches.
  2. If your bush is extremely thick and dense this limits the amount of light penetration, trim the outside to allow in more glorious sun light.
  3. After trimming don’t worry about leaving your bush looking bear and skeletal like, it will be back to lush in summer.
  4. If you have to cut back your privets & bushes, you only need to cut back most of the vegetation and outer branches once if you prune them as and when needed after.
  5. Don’t forget the food. If your bushes are looking pale and limp they will probably just be lacking nutrients. Choose a good quality feed and they will be back to colourful in no time.

Hedge Bush & Shrub Trimming & Thinning

Overgrown Privet Bush (Before)

distance center view of a medium sized sheffield garden surrounded by 10 foot high hedge privets that are extremely overgrown

Wild and furious is how most Sheffield hedges & privets grow. This is great when you first plant them as they are of size in no time. Before long they need regular thinning & trimming to keep them looking good and without imposing on your valuable garden space too much. Our example highlights just what happens when an untended privet is left to it’s own devices.

Privet Cutting Back (During)

close up angled view of the same privet hedge after being cut back by our gardener and now lacking in vegitation

It might not look great as I am cutting back this really thick, tall privet hedge. But come next year the greenery will be lovely again and the garden owner gains a small amount of space back.


distance view of our almost finished privet hedges after being cut back

All appears to be in order now the rest of this Sheffield privet has been cut & trimmed back.

All Finished Here

distance center view of our gardeners completly finished sheffield garden proudly showing off its freshly cut back privet hedges completing the look and making this garden inviting once more

After a couple of months you can see the greenery is returning once more while retaining it’s new shape. If done regularly it is little work and will look wonderful all year round. As with many of my customers gardens I love popping round to quickly run round the hedges and grass as and when needed and would be happy to add yours to my gardeners list.

Bush & Shrub Pruning

far distant view of a gorgeous garden with multicoloured shrubs and bushes pruned to perfection

Just look how beautiful this garden’s bushes & shrubs are after originally being cut back and then pruned for a summer. With beautiful colouring and shape this garden’s hedges are a pleasure to be among.

Privets Cut& Trimmed

close up front of two cut and trimmed privets with an entrance to a property between them

Freshly shaped and trimmed front privets make the entrance to this property to rent much more inviting and easier to let. If you are a landlord and need your properties privets and bushes keeping in check get in touch.

Tree Cutting & Pruning

lower middle view of a small tree with the lower three quarters cut complely back to its trunk

This small tree was taking up way too much walkway space and limiting access to the upper garden so a full cut back to the trunk was required for the bulk of the lower branches and a light pruning above.


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