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  • Blocked Guttering Issues?

    close up front high up looking down on a guttering system that is severely blocked with brown coloured compressed old vegitation and new bright green leaves growing from two well rooted plants

    Let Me Quickly Unblock Your Gutters

  • All Guttering Cleared

    close up top elevation of thoroughly cleared cleaned and freshly natural brown painted guttering to blend with its surroundings

    Decomposing & Living Vegetation & Debris Cleared

  • Plants & Moss Cleared

    close up above photo of a gutter thtat is blocked with growing live moss and several large plants and a very smally tree all growing from the guttering

    All Your Gutters Plants & Moss Removed

  • Leave It To Me

    distance ground floor photo looking up at a long aluminium ladder leaning against a red brick property in sheffield with gutter cleaning and clearing tools to unblock any guttering

    I Will Get Your Gutters Flowing Freely

My Gutter Cleaning & Clearing Tips

  1. You Must Have - A stiff brush, a small trowel, a scraper and a wire brush.
  2. Remove Lowest Section Of Drainpipe - Have a bucket ready to quickly move into place to catch any debris build up.
  3. Gutters Always Blocking? - Use drain guards which are typically mesh covers which prevent vegetation causing blockages.
  4. Repeat Offenders - If you have just a few branches overhanging your gutters that keep them block just cut the branches as far back as you can.
  5. Clear The Grate Regular - To keep your gutters flowering better clean your drainage grates as and when needed.

Gutter Clearing & Cleaning

How Cheeky Is That?

double cut distance and zoom view photos of a sheffield property roofline with completely blocked gutters featuring plants that are as high as three feet tall growing and looking a very healthy shade of green

This vegetation has taken up residence in this Sheffield properties gutter system. The size of these living plants suggest they have been unwanted tenants for some time. Needless to say the property resident had not noticed until the water pooled over the now useless guttering.

Leaf Blocked Guttering

close up photo along the length of blocked gutter that has been partially cleared and cleaned high lighting the difference

This poor guttering had no chance of doing it's job. The dead leaves and moss build up have completely the gutters waterway.

Unblocked Gutters

close up phot of the previous blocked gutters having been fully unblocked and cleaned after clearing by me

All this properties guttering now flows freely, as designed once more.

Lead Flashing Cleared

close up right corner view of unblocked lead flashing where two roofs are joined together providing run off for both now fully cleared of all blockages

Just like your guttering the lead positioned around your property roof provides run off for rain water. Awkward to get to but that does little to stop your flashing sometimes getting blocked with live and dead vegetation. Usually from overhead trees, a simple pruning as part of your property maintenance can prevent this recurring issue.

Blocked Guttering & Down pipes

A Gutter Full Of Beech Nuts

close up elevated down view of a gutter fully blocked with beech nuts spilling over the guttering sides and no possible way through for rain water

This property is overlooked by a huge beautiful acorn tree. You can see the down side to this little bit of country luxury. The tree is so large it is impossible to keep it pruned so I de-acorn their gutters and down pipes a couple of times a year.

A Compression Of Beech Nuts

zoom in view of inside a square guttering system down pipe that is blocked with a dark solid vegetative mass

Unbelievably our properties down pipe is not only blocked, but compressed into a solid over time. What started out as freshly fallen beech nuts have become a solid mass which is preventing water flow. This can be prevented by regularly removing and clearing.

Cleared Guttering

completely cleared guttering system of all compressed vegitation for rain water to now flow freely

Although this guttering is lovely and clean now that wasn’t always the case. Blocked with the usual array of fresh & decomposed vegetation the property was spewing rain water down the walls. Luckily the home owner spotted this before any water could ingress into the building and cause damp or rot.


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