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    close up front view of a arch shaped top dark oak stained wood fence seperated by concrete posts fully installed in a sheffield garden

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    close up front view of three seperate fencing styles including vertilat and forest vented fitting

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    distance level corner view of a lovely garden complete with patio and grass lawn proudly showing off a newly installed wood and concrete fence painted in natural medium brown

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    distance view of two newly installed light tan coloured garden wood fencing designs

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Concrete & Wood Fencing Tips

  1. Go Deep - Minimum of 2 foot depth and narrow then use 9 foot posts gives you 1 foot for gravel board and use a 6ft panel.
  2. Use Postcrete - With a quick drying time this will reduce the time it takes to install your new fence & you wont be stuck holding or wedging posts until they dry.
  3. String Line - Your best friend for keeping to lines and levels.
  4. Stream Line It Right - Make sure you allow for your gardens gradient by using 8ft and 9 ft posts.
  5. Post Level - Make sure your posts are levelled with a spirit level on 2 adjacent sides.

Wood & Concrete Forest Vented Fence

Custom Built Fencing

close up front view of a sheffield fencing corner seperated by a narrow full height layer of red brick work to make up the szie difference in available panel sizes

No matter how unusual the size and shape of your area, like my example I can design you a fence in the style of your choosing, using only quality materials, painted in water or oil based paint or treated & stained as required.

Our Finished, Secure Sheffield Garden Fence

distance side angled view of one full beautiful garden side showing just the light wood fencing secured into concrete posts with a white lower brick finish on a compact sheffield property

This extremely strong and solid forest vented concrete posted wooden fence provides a safe and secure Sheffield environment for all the family and piece of mind at all times.

Hide The Unwanted

side view of a wood and concrete fence shaped around an unsightly area to hide it

Not only does a properly installed fence enhance your privacy, it can also hide those unsightly views and areas you do not wish to see.

Wood & Concrete Vertilat Fencing

The Posts Are In!

angled distance view of garden concrete fence posts installed and ready for fencing panels

After digging out the footings I have now concreted the fencing’s posts in place using quick drying post cement and taking care to maintain level on all axis. Get this bit wrong and you will never get your wood panels in securely.

Its Panels Time

close up of the very first medium oak coloured fencing panel perfectly installed between two concrete posts

The lower decorative stone layers are now perfectly installed but not only that, the first of our pre-prepared fencing panels is now securely in place too giving us a good idea of how it will look when finished.

The ’InBetweeners’

close up of the fencings middle panels slid down in place snuggly between the concrete posts

All we have to do is simply slide down our middle fencing panels as shown. This takes very little time but is a strain on the upper body so you may need help.

A Finished Garden Fence
bottom angled view of one side of a gorgeous medium brown coloured wood and concrete fence completely finished and nicley secluding this Sheffield property

All our hard work is now visible to all, but mostly only from the inside giving this family the privacy they have been longing for.


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